“It Looks Like You’re Writing a Letter” – paperback pre-orders now available

We are proud to announce that “It Looks Like You’re Writing a Letter” – the debut science fiction/thriller novel from Alexander King, will very shortly be available to buy in paperback.

Published in September 2014, and previously only available in ebook format, public demand has been such that a paperback version is viable.

If bought directly from this website, each copy will be signed by the author.

The price is £6.99 per copy, with £1.99 delivery anywhere in the world. It is expected orders will ship from the 5th December 2014.

Review of “It Looks Like You’re Writing a Letter” from Soundsphere Magazine

Alexander King’s debut sci-fi/thriller has recently received a glowing review from Steve Nash at Soundsphere Magazine.

Among the many positive things Steve said about the book, and its author were the following:

The writing here pulsates with the author’s own enthusiasm, and this lends the plot a great sense of pace. The reader is grabbed by the network cable and pulled headlong through a rollercoaster tour of a world that’s equal parts frightening and mesmerising. This is ‘Bladerunner’ in 1080p on super-fast forward.
Soundsphere Magazine

Please click here to read the review in full.