She Only Boots For Me (eBook)


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Jimmy the Weasel works the beat in Little London, a neon-soaked post-war city rife with crime and corruption. It also has its bad points. Datsik is a nine-hundred-pound Kamchatka bear that thinks he’s Winnie the Pooh. Emil Lanksy is a Tulpa, the outsourced personality of a very dull young man. All Bravilor Bonamat wants is to LightJockey at Rancids and get through another shift without being dragged into criminal activity.

Over the next few nights, shipping containers of human cargo tie them all together and end up redefining reality itself.

A brand new novel from Alexander King, author of “It Looks Like You’re Writing a Letter”, this fast-paced CyberPunk neo-noir follows hacker Bravilor Bonamat as he gets embroiled in a global conspiracy, involving outsourced personalities, talking animals, cyborgs, drug addicts and billionaires.