Available: 17th September 2014

Published by: Neuromantic Press, Smashwords

Formats: Paperback, eBook

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It Looks Like You’re Writing a Letter

In near-future USA, world-weary private eye Henry Thorner is charged with tracking down data thief Tanner Griffen. In a world where all data is owned by the multinational OraCorp and leveraged by its all encompassing social network Ora, off-grid Henry is a lone voice of stalwart independence.

When Ora shows Tanner at the scene of a murder hundreds of miles away from his hiding place, no one is more surprised than Tanner himself. Private eye and thief hook up with Jeopardy, a damaged and dangerous mercenary, in a race to find out who framed Tanner and why.

Mixing detective neo-noir, science fiction and a dash of social commentary, It Looks Like You’re Writing a Letter cuts an exhilarating and darkly amusing swathe through the big questions of our increasingly connected world – just how comfortable should we be with the corporations that own our digital souls?

Alexander King is a naturally gifted storyteller, and ‘It Looks Like You’re Writing A Letter’ is a chance to get on at the ground floor of what deserves to be an impressive writing career
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